SpaceX Mobile is a redesign that improves the mobile viewing experience of the current SpaceX website.

The goal of the redesign was to create a mobile experience devoid of the zoom function, but still allowing the user to see all content in an easy-to-digest interface. By making navigation of the site much simpler, people are encouraged to learn more about SpaceX’s mission of inhabiting other planets.

The live layout of the SPACEX NEWS page shows nearly half of the screen width blank without any content. In the redesign, the email sign-up field is eliminated (would be moved to the bottom of the page) which allows for the news content blocks to be much larger.

The live layout of the LAUNCH MANIFEST page shows a list of nearly-illegible text without zooming in. In the redesign, padding between columns are drastically reduced which allows for legible info. A side-scrolling function could also be implemented in order to show additional info.

The live layout of the MEDIA GALLERY page is also restrictive, in that the page real estate is not fully utilized. To encourage user interaction and exploration, the redesign shows an expansive layout featuring enlarged thumbnails that encompass the entirety of the page.