Blizzard Overwatch Hero Page
Visual & UI Redesign

Designed a condensed view of the OverviewStory, and Related Media sections, resulting in a trimmed height dimension by over 50%. In the reimagined layout, these sections are visible in an easy-to-navigate one-page view.

Facebook Input
Product Design

Engages people to contribute their opinions, recommendations, and advice in order to help you make a sound decision, whether it be playful or serious. The feature of offering choices encourages friends to provide meaningful clicks.

Proactiv Mobile Shopping
UI/UX Redesign

Designed a user flow that caters to the shopping habits of tech-savvy users on-the-go. Simplified navigation paths to optimize focused efficiency. 

SpaceX Mobile
Mobile Redesign

The current mobile view is not designed to be responsive, which dramatically affects the user’s experience. I redesigned the main pages from the website with an app-like interface with the goal of improving the mobile experience.